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Welcome to Resurgence — a magazine for people who care about the environment, enjoy reading, relish new ideas and are looking for inspiration on sustainable living.


When Resurgence started, over forty years ago, it tackled issues that were only just filtering through to the mainstream debate. Articles were published on the endangered environment, renewable energy and ecological economics. E.F. Schumacher wrote regularly about the perils of chemicals in our food, the simplicity of Buddhist economics and the strength of ‘Small is Beautiful’.

Resurgence continues to publish articles that are on the cutting edge of current thinking, promoting creativity, ecology, spirituality and frugality.

While the corporate world advocates ‘free trade’, Resurgence questions trade without responsibility and money without morality. While our governments define the ‘national interest’ and their politicians pursue power at all costs, Resurgence argues for politics with principles. While technology invades our lives in the name of speed and efficiency, Resurgence advocates science with a soul.

But Resurgence not only offers a critique of the old paradigm. It also gives working models for an emerging new paradigm. Resurgence is packed full of positive ideas about the theory and practice of good living: permaculture, community supported agriculture, local economics, ecological building, sacred architecture, art in the environment, small schools and deep ecology.

Publishing Resurgence is a cottage industry. Edited from his home by former Jain monk Satish Kumar, the magazine is crafted by hand using the skills of our local designer Rachel Marsh. Our memberships are handled by Jeanette Gill from her home near a Cornish village. The magazine is printed in Totnes, Devon on part-recycled paper.

Resurgence inspires, invigorates, informs and transforms!